Corporate Social Responsibility

Supplying clean water treatment system at Can Tho international airport

Can Tho International Airport is located at a very important position in the economic, cultural, social development, security and defense of Can Tho province and actively contributes to promoting the development of regional provinces. Mekong Delta.

Supply and installation of pure water booths at Van Don international airport

Van Don Airport is the first airport in Vietnam that is privately owned and operated. Located in Doan Ket commune, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, on a total area of 325 hectares, Van Don airport is invested in the form of BOT with a total amount of  about 7,,700 billiond VND.

Supply and installation of pure water booths at Noi Bai international airport

At the end of 2017, KAROFI was selected as a partner to provide 18 free pure water booths in accordance with international standas, installed at Terminals T1, T2 of Noi Bai International.

Corporate Culture

"Park" in technology factory

Who says a “technological” factory can’t be “poetic”? Watching the factory of Karofi – the largest water purifier factory in Southeast Asia in the flowering season – you will have a different view of this place. 

Is a specialized enterprise in the field of Water and Air filtration. The consistent mission that Karofi is pursuing is “Protect and enhance the health and quality of people in the water and air environment on this beautiful green planet”. Therefore, we pay special attention to establishing a sustainable development foundation in which environmental factors. 

Building a Culture of Innovation in Karofi

Innovation is always what Karofi’s leaders want to build.

Firstly, innovation will help Karofi make breakthroughs thanks to unique products that meet the needs of customers.

Secondly, innovation will always keep employees motivated to work and stimulate them to bring out their full potential.

Moreover, continuous innovation will create a great competitive advantage in today’s increasingly fierce capital market.

Culture of Innovation - Results oriented

At Karofi, Innovation Culture is simply understood as an organization that truly values, supports and allows every employee to innovate and create without any hindrance. On the other hand, Karofi also fosters the belief that not only Leaders but anyone in the organization can innovate; foster a spirit of willingness to change rapidly rather than maintain the status quo to increase competitive opportunities; nurture Leaders who encourage new thinking, somewhat different from traditional rules and nurture employees who are passionate about exploring, thinking “out of the box” to create products and initiatives. new.

Tips & Tricks

The impacts of water pollution on humans

Water pollution is harmful to human health as it causes various diseases. Polluted water can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can transmit diseases to humans through drinking water, causing damage and sometimes leading to life-threatening illnesses.

According to a study published in The Lancet, it revealed that in 2015, water pollution caused approximately 1.8 million deaths, and communities living near heavily polluted waste plants are at a higher risk of being affected by water pollution.

Maintaining hydration during the summer

Maintaining adequate hydration during the summer is essential to prevent illnesses and other important factors that you will find in this article. Summer brings late-night barbecues, pool parties, and beach trips. While enjoying the benefits of soaking up the sun, it is important to ensure that you maintain proper hydration levels in your body. Follow appropriate hydration advice.

Water resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The availability of water resources within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a common question that many residents of the kingdom and foreigners inquire about. The reason is that Saudi Arabia relies heavily on valleys and underground water sources for drinking water as there are no rivers. We will provide you with an understanding of the most important water sources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.